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Docker is a great containerization platform. It is lightweight, portable, less resource hungry and CI/CD friendly. Docker containers are currently the best possible way to package and deploy your application or to ship your environment to your co-workers and friends. Docker is trusted by small and large organizations like Twitter, ING, BBC and PayPal.

In the workshop, you will learn the basic concepts of Docker Platform and build your way to advance concepts. You will also learn how to setup and create containers on Docker Platform. Gain practical experience in setup of a private registry to store and share Docker Images. Also explore ways to manage Docker containers at scale.



Day 1

1. Introduction to containers

2. Difference between virtual machines and containers

3. Docker setup

4. Basic Docker commands

5. Docker Machine

6. Introduction to Docker images

7. Building Docker images

8. Introduction to Docker registry

9. Docker networking concepts

10. Docker Remote API

11. Container Monitoring Solution

12. Docker Compose

Day 2

1. Docker Swarm and Swarm mode (new in Docker 1.12)

2. Intro to Kubernetes (Updated for latest Kuberentes)

3. Intro to Apache Mesos and Marathon

4. Continuous Integration using Jenkins

5. Demo of CoreOS 


Pre-requisites for attendees:

1. Basic knowledge simple Bash commands

2. Please bring a laptop which can be used to SSH into remote machine. Most of the Linux based operating system and Mac OS X comes with SSH client pre-installed. Windows users might want to look at PuTTY software for SSH client.

Remote machines will be provided.


About the Trainer:

Aditya Patawari is a Docker power­user and has managed production grade Docker container clusters. He has conducted workshops and training sessions for several organizations and has contributed to several open sourced projects in Docker and container ecosystem. He conducts one day and two days training sessions to help users understand various Docker concepts, from installation to building highly available and orchestrated Docker clusters. He has conducted several workshops, training sessions and delivered talks in India, USA and Europe. He also consults to containerize existing applications and set up production grade environments for running Docker clusters. 

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India Phone: +91 88844 04499



India Phone: +91 88844 04499


April 01, 2017 — 9:00 am to
April 02, 2017 — 4:00 pm

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